Common causes of prostatitis: how to prevent the disease?

Identification of the cause of prostatitis is very important for the prevention, prevention and timely and effective treatment of the disease. This disease is extremely common. This is confirmed by the data of statistical studies. Medical statistics have confirmed that this is the most common disease of the prostate.

Basic catalysts

The causes of prostatitis after a man reaches five decades are quite understandable, a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle and lack of stress lead to the formation of congestion in the pelvic floor. The identification of pathology catalysts in men for treatment is very important; at a young age, this disease can be a consequence or complication of sexually transmitted diseases.

groin pain with prostatitis

The causes of prostatitis in young men, both young and mature, depend on the type of disease. The plan of further treatment, the scheme of procedures also depends on the factors that caused the disease. Provoking factors can be both infectious and non-infectious.

This type of disease, such as bacterial prostatitis, occurs against the background of the penetration and development of infection.

What causes bacterial pathology?

The cause of prostatitis in men of different ages of this type is the occurrence of infection. As a consequence of this, a sluggish but unpleasant inflammatory process is often formed. Its focus is located precisely in such an organ as the prostate gland.

Infectious pathogens of the disease can be the following:

  • causes of inflammation of the prostate may be in the penetration of various types of bacteria: E. coli, and such common microbes as streptococci, etc. ;
  • the appearance of sexual infections can also lead to the disease. These include such common infections as trichomonas, mycoplasmas. One of the most common bacteria are also chlamydia;
  • causes of inflammation of the prostate can also be covered in infection with viruses such as herpes. The papillomavirus is also dangerous;
  • The cause of pathology in men can be fungal infections. They may well provoke the appearance of a focus of inflammation. This center arises in the specified, already mentioned gland. Especially common are fungi of the Candida species, others, such as molds. The factor that has a catalytic effect is a decrease in the protective functions of the body. Fungi can be passed on during sexual contact. This is often a catalyst for the disease in young people.

The specific type of pathogen is determined by the results of laboratory, clinical studies. Only after that, after identifying the causes of prostatitis, treatment is prescribed. The choice of specific drugs depends on the decision of the doctor.

A bacterial disease passes into a chronic, sluggish form for the same reasons that inflammation itself occurs. But the chronic form appears only as a result of neglecting timely treatment or even refusing it.

Causes of inflammation of the prostate in men

This important topic cannot be dealt with without pointing out that inflammation is not a necessary symptom of this ailment. What causes pathology? From stagnation in the pelvic region, blood does not enter this area, therefore, its supply with nutrients is deteriorating.

Signs of illness in a man arise, but at first he may not pay special attention to them. The first symptom is constant unpleasant, painful sensations. Long-term discomfort occurs in a man in the pelvic area. Discomfort may not be particularly pronounced, but constant.

The provoking factors of the disease in men are quite trivial, many prefer a sedentary lifestyle, pay little attention to their health. If inflammation occurs, there are more factors that affect the onset of the disease.

Experts have several theories why such processes appear. The causes of inflammation of the prostate gland in men can be varied and not always easy to identify.

There are different opinions regarding these factors.

  • Many doctors assume that although the infection is not detected, it is present. This theory is supported by the fact that, as a rule, significant changes are found in the organ.
  • Opinion on the impact on the process of reduced immunity. Such specialists answer the question of what causes prostatitis in the sense that inflammation is formed against the background of reduced protective functions of the body. Inflammations of an autoimmune property develop in this case against the background of reduced immunity.
  • There is a widespread opinion about the chemical property of the method of occurrence of the disease and the inflammation itself. Proponents of this theory argue that inflammation may occur due to accidental reflux of urine into the prostate.
  • What causes prostatitis? Why do these phenomena appear? Many doctors adhere to the theory that the reason lies in the special effect on the tissues of the organ of certain elements secreted by nerve endings. This theory is called the theory of the neurogenic nature of the disease.

The causes of prostatitis in men, therefore, in the event of inflammation, can be both quite common and quite difficult to determine. What can cause prostatitis?

All non-infectious factors leading to the formation of a non-bacterial disease can be divided into several groups.

The reason lies in stagnation, circulatory disorders. But it can appear due to various factors. Either this is irregular intercourse with members of the opposite sex, or damage, hypothermia, venereal disease.

Other mechanisms for the onset of the disease

Acquired causes of the disease:

  • Urethritis. This term refers to the inflammation of a channel such as the urethra. The infection often spreads to the mentioned gland. Causes of prostatitis in 30 years can also be associated with this factor;
  • The narrowing of this channel can cause such a problem as violations of the outflow of such a type of fluid as urine;
  • What causes prostatitis at a young age, at 30? The disease can be the result of a perineal injury;
  • In adulthood, pathology may occur due to stones in the said gland. Previously it was believed that these phenomena occur only in older men. But now such problems can arise in fairly young men.

What causes prostatitis? The acquired factors can also be venereal diseases, stagnation due to excessively long abstinence. The causes of prostatitis are also congenital, but this is much less common.

Congenital factors:

  • What causes prostatitis in men? Provocateurs are congenital anomalies that lead to stagnation of the secretory fluid;
  • insufficient secretion of specific male hormones. This phenomenon causes insufficient libido, which leads to stagnant processes in the gland, in the pelvic region;
  • insufficient blood supply to the organ can also become a catalyst. Vessels are clamped, blood stagnation occurs. This phenomenon complicates the treatment of the disease, since drugs cannot penetrate the prostate region.

Why does disease occur? Provoking factors are always individual, each individual patient must undergo a thorough examination. But you need to take measures for prevention.

It is necessary to go in for sports, do exercises designed to affect just the pelvic region. It is necessary to maintain immunity, the protective functions of the body, prevent hypothermia, and follow the rules of hygiene.