Reviews Prostaline

  • Andreas
    I was tormented by pain in the lower abdomen and ovaries. I went to the doctor. He sent me to treat the prostate. After a month's treatment as good as new. The pains are gone.
  • Wolfgang
    Traveled in the mountains with friends. Pain began when going to the toilet. The urination was very painful. The doctor diagnosed chronic prostatitis and suggested trying Prostaline capsules. I agreed. There was nothing to lose. After 2 months, the symptoms almost disappeared.
  • Stephan
    A beloved woman appeared, but that's bad luck. They were bothered by constant pain in the ovaries, which literally interfered with arousal. I took Prostaline capsules on the advice of a doctor I knew. After a couple of days, the pains disappeared and we were able to enjoy each other again.
  • Jürgen
    For the sake of using the drug Prostaline, I had to completely abandon alcohol and reduce the use of fatty foods. But it was worth it! After a couple of weeks, the painful urination stopped. True, having drunk alcohol for the New Year, everything started anew. But now I will not repeat this mistake.
  • Peter
    I am taking Prostaline for the prevention of prostate diseases. They do not greatly affect health, there are practically no contraindications. It is enough to take a course of 20 tablets once a year and you can be sure that there will be no problems later.
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